Roblox Mining Simulator 2 patch notes for update 1 are now available.

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Roblox Mining Simulator 2 patch notes for update 1 are now available.

On June 3, 2022, the developers of Roblox Mining Simulator 2 released their very first big update for the game. The patch adds a new layer that may be mined towards, a large number of new creatures, and a gem chest that will give you free gems every 4.5 hours. The patch notes will provide you with information on the many other significant enhancements that have been made to the game.

On our Mining Simulator 2 Codes page, you'll notice that some new codes have been added. These codes will offer you some freebies, and you can find them there. The patch notes that can be seen below have undergone some minor formatting changes; they were originally distributed via the official Mining Simulator 2 Discord channel.

Crystal Cavern - Now with an additional tier!

Hatch ten brand new pets with this Crystal Egg! The Infernal Revenant is available as a pet in the store for a limited time only!

Gem Chest: Open it every 4.5 hours to get your free Gems!

You may permanently improve your stats using gem enchants, including Hatch Speed, Pets Equipped, and more!

⏩ Fast Hatch - Hatch eggs even faster!

Unlock 9 brand new Skins with the Rare Crate!

In the depths of the Crystal Cavern, a new ore known as larimar was discovered.

Brand-Spanking-New Instrument and Luggage!

Trading will begin pretty quickly!

Balances & Fixes

The Rebirth Multiplier has been raised to 10 from 5.

Reduced cost of rebirth by 100 million

Increased from 100 to 150 points, the rebirth reward

Chances of discovering Cave Treasures That Are Greater

Fixed issues with Mobile Buttons Not Working

Several more errors have been corrected.