Pet Simulator X - Fantasy Update

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Pet Simulator X - Fantasy Update

What is Pet Simulator X

The Roblox game known as Pet Simulator X gives players the opportunity to earn cash and diamonds in order to make purchases of eggs, which when hatched, give birth to a wide variety of cute but sometimes lethal pets. The adorable kittens and puppies to the mythical dragons and unicorns are all included in this category of animals. Because it might be difficult to acquire some of these monsters without having an abundance of wealth on hand, we are here to help you in that regard.


24 Brand New Pets

There are several new cute companions that have been introduced to the game and are just ready to be included in your collection. This features a total of three brand-new Exclusive Pets in addition to one Achievement Pet.

Discover new regions, eggs, pets, and more as you adventure across the fantastical universe! The world is divided up into a number of floaty islands, all of which may be accessed via portals. Stay tuned, as there will be a great deal more content published here over the course of the next week. As of right now, there are three new locations, as well as three new eggs.

Enchant your pet(s)... at a cost! In the Fantasy World, you will find the entrance to the enchanted circle. At the moment, each usage will set you back 10,000 gems. Keep in mind that any enchantments that are already in place will be replaced.

New and Wonderful Charms

- A larger number of Fantasy Coins may be obtained by having a Pet.

- [ONE-OF-A-KIND] Glittering: Pet has a chance of randomly spawning diamonds

- This one-of-a-kind Magnet allows your pet to gather orbs for you.

- [ONE OF A KIND] Pet deals an additional 100% more damage, earns an additional 100% more diamonds, and travels an additional 50% quicker thanks to Royalty.

(Unique enchantments are exceedingly uncommon!)

15 Pets Equipped Pass

You may equip a maximum of 15 pets at once! Before you may purchase this ticket, you must first earn the 8-pet Equipped Pass. (This item is only going to be available in the Exclusive Shop for a short time!)

New accomplishments have been added! For those who like to finish things.

Because evidently being godlike wasn't challenging enough, the maximum rank has been changed to "Impossible." hahaha.


  • Revisions to the Inventory
  • You will now have a much simpler time locating pets that were only recently added to your inventory.

Fresh Conditions

Added Pet Database and Egg Skip options.

Scrolling Through the Global Leaderboard

You are now able to scroll to see the top 100 players, up from the previous top 10 players. You are quite welcome to use this site!

Protections Built Into the Twitter Code

A significant number of gamers set up secondary accounts in order to redeem Twitter Codes on several occasions. I'm sure you had a good time, but that wasn't the intention at all. In order to redeem Twitter Codes, you are need to have at least the Basic rank.

Exclusive Animals That Can Be Traded

Now you may buy, sell, and trade the original Exclusive Pets! This pattern will continue for any Exclusive Pets that go offsale.

Currency Limitation

The maximum allowable amount of money has increased from 99 billion to 999 billion.


  • - The issue with Egg Skip has been resolved on Console. I'm sorry to hear that!
  • - Collisions between players have been turned off.
  • - You will no longer be able to submit trades to other players who have trade invitations already in the queue.
  • - Modified the amount of space between pets and money when farming
  • - Making adjustments to the trading window if a server was empty, we would be travelling to the moon.
  • - At this point, the player names should appear correctly on the trade list.
  • Having your inventory open will no longer cause the world prompts to appear.
  • - Fixed a bug on the local leaderboard that caused the same player or players to be shown several times
  • - Fixed a freezing issue with the boost timers
  • - Restored the ability to shut off pet nicknames
  • You will now have to wait one minute before you can engage in trading after enrolling. This is a preventative measure to defend against exploitation.
  • - Visual bugs in the trading window have been fixed
  • - Fixed server->client desync
  • - Exploits in the trading system have been fixed >:(
  • - Speed up the orb despawning process.
  • - You may now teleport with your pets rather than having them fly to you from a distance.