Pet Simulator X - Fantasy Update II

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Pet Simulator X - Fantasy Update II

The Fantasy World now has not one, but two whole new regions to explore! The portals provide access to both of these locations.

Over a dozen new pets have been introduced, some of which are based on critters from the first Pet Simulator game. These new pets include a skeleton, a cupcake, and a unicorn. This consists of three brand-new Exclusive Pets.

Two Fresh Eggs

The Fantasy World now has the Rainbow Egg, the Haunted Egg, and the gold variants of each of these eggs!

Rarity of a Mythical Order

It was determined that Legendary wasn't quite "rare" enough, therefore Mythical was introduced. Mythical pets are the only pets in the game that may have three different enchantments, including a guaranteed one that is unique to that creature. There is just one mystical pet available at this time. There will be more added very soon!

Investing in Teleports

One of the most common complaints that I've been hearing is that "walking is tiresome" or that "pet simulator X is a walking simulator." Yes, it would seem that some players were trekking all the way across the map to purchase four eggs. Specifically gamers that play for free. Therefore, beginning immediately, you will be able to pay Diamonds to acquire individual teleports. After purchasing it, you will be able to teleport there at any moment and get there instantaneously. Those who have purchased a teleport pass will still be able to access teleports automatically and without charge. The price of the teleport pass has also been doubled, going from fifty to two hundred robux.

Auto Delete

The process of clearing out your inventory after hatching a large number of eggs might be time-consuming, which is why I included the ability to eliminate hatched pets automatically. You can get to this via the recently updated menu item on the side called Auto-Settings. This is just the beginning of the AFK tools that will be built upon in the next patches.


Super Equipment for Inventory

You now just need to make one button click to equip the most powerful dogs from your collection. Woo-hoo!

The universe of Spawn now includes artwork created by fans! Join our Discord to have the opportunity to have your fan art considered for inclusion in the game, where it may be admired by everyone. Many thanks to everyone who participated and contributed.

Incubating Variations

During the animations of eggs hatching into pets, rare pets will now be shown front and center.

15 Pets Equipped Offsale

15 Pets Equipped is no longer available for purchase. Congratulations to those that were successful!

Harmonization of the Fantasy World

In some circumstances, the currency prizes that are given out in the fantasy world have been increased by a factor of two. You ought to be feeling a great deal better now!


- The slowness that was caused by the Enchanting and Fusing menus not clearing has been fixed.

- No longer will high-level pets trail behind you as you go.

- Fixed a bug that caused coin operations to freeze when players joined

- World animations now feature culling, which ought to considerably assist in improving speed for certain users.

- You are unable to breed pets that are unique to one another... why were you doing this?

- Saving fixes

- The use of doping patches

- A lot more