Pet Simulator X - Space Update

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Pet Simulator X - Space Update

Visit the brand new Tech World as you prepare to blast out into space! This includes the introduction of an entirely new currency known as Tech Coins! At the moment, the Tech World is comprised of two different locations: Tech City and Dark Tech. This will be developed further in future releases. You may enter the Tech World via the secret door in the Glacier region of the Spawn World. This will allow you to go there. Additionally, you may locate the (AFK) Giant Tech Chest in this location!

Dark Matter Pets

The popular Dark Matter Pets have been brought back from the first Pet Simulator game! Due to the fact that they are far more powerful than rainbow pets, Dark Matter pets are often considered to be the most desirable kind of pet that players may acquire. So... how exactly do you go about acquiring one of these adorable pets?

The Dark Matter Machine is the tool that is used to create Dark Matter Pets. You are going to require a minimum of one rainbow pet. In contrast to the Golden and Rainbow machine, it takes a certain length of time for a pet to hatch, and once it does, you cannot lose it. When you enter more rainbow pets, the amount of time it takes will decrease. There is a limit of six pets that may be incubated at one time.

1 Pet = 5 days

6 Pets = 30 minutes

There are now a total of four brand-spanking-new eggs! The Metal Egg, Tech Egg, Titanium Egg, and Dark Tech Egg. This encompasses the golden versions of them. Almost two dozen pets have been added! This features three mythicals and three pets that aren't available anywhere else. Which one do you think is the best? Are you able to get each one?

Magc Eggs Gamepass

When you crack open an egg, there is a possibility that it may birth a golden or even a rainbow pet. That includes even Mythical and Legendary pets, you read that right! This pass may be purchased for a total cost of R$1,299 from the special store. (the price is not set in stone)

Triple Damage Boost

A completely new boost, known as the Triple Damage Boost, has been included in the game. This buff will momentarily increase the damage done by all of your pets by a factor of three.

The Energy Booster

In addition, for a limited time only, you can get The Boost Bundle, which allows you to save a lot of money while getting a large quantity of different boosts.

New Achievement

A few of new accomplishments have been introduced, one of which is called "Dress Up," and it will provide you with a fresh new unique pet if you complete it! I'm curious as to how you get into it.

More Settings

Send Pets and Hide Boosts are the two new settings that have been added. You may now transfer one or more of your creatures to a coin at the same time.

Tier 4 of the Pet Collection

The Pet Collection now has a Tier 4 option available! Get another free space on the Pet Equipped roster! Additionally, pets made of Dark Matter have been introduced to the Pet Collection.

  • Changes
  • Rejuvenate Your Pets

A graphical update has been applied to each and every pet. They give off the impression of being brighter and more brilliant, and in some instances they even have their own distinctive lighting effects! It works properly across all graphic settings.

Rank Reward Changes

Rank incentives have been... much too excellent. Especially considering the fact that reaching the highest level is now simpler than it has ever been. There are gamers who have accumulated hundreds of boosts, which was not the intention at all. As a result, I readjusted the awards.

UIStroke Implemented

Roblox has now introduced UIStroke, which means that the user interface will seem more more polished and will run A LOT more smoothly. I personally experienced a performance increase that was more than +50 percent. You read it correctly, the performance is increased by a whopping +50%. It's possible that crashing has been resolved, too. I am over the moon with joy! Many thanks, Roblox!

UI/UX Changes

  • A significant number of UI and UX modifications:
  • Animations for buttons on desktop players' interfaces
  • The teleport window organizes teleports into several categories.

Animated sequences for pets of a high rarity.

  • The exclusive storefront will seem more expansive depending on the screen resolution
  • The health of coins now adjusts according to the size of the coin (like giant chests)
  • Rounding applied to rewards and currency health to improve readability
  • The resolution is now taken into account when the inventory grid view is scaled.
  • There are no longer billboards for vendors (the $$$ signs) that hang over everything.
  • The framerate of the rainbow animation is no longer restricted to 60 hertz

Fuse Machine Changes

A new algorithm has been implemented in the fuse machine! In particular, pet varieties such as golden and rainbow ones are dealt with in a substantially better manner. Try it out for yourself!

The Cost of Diamonds

It is very obvious that buying diamonds using robux was a waste of money. Therefore, I increased the quantity that you get while maintaining the same pricing.

Removed Pog Egg

The hidden Pog egg has been eliminated at this point: (

15 Pets Equipped Offsale

15 Pets Equipped is no longer available for purchase. Congratulations to those that were successful!