Pet Simulator X - Steampunk Update

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Pet Simulator X - Steampunk Update

What follows after a gloomy, technologically strange area? Steampunk, without a doubt! This location also has a side section, which is where the brand new Giant Steampunk Chest can be found.

Two Fresh Eggs

The Tech Shop now has a total of four eggs available for purchase! There is also the Mechanical Egg, in addition to the Steampunk Egg. Both need the brand-new Steampunk Area to function properly.

15 New Pets

This update comes with a large number of pets, including the brand-new Mythical Blimp Dragon as well as three brand-new unique pets.

New Positions

There are now two additional ranks available! Now is the time to definitely start using some of your imagination, hehe.

Tier 5 of the Pet Collection

It is now possible to reach Tier 5 of your Pet Collection! That's a total of 5 potential additional pet equip slots. It will not be simple... as of right now, you need to acquire 650 pets, which is not even close to collecting all of the pets in the game. I hope you succeed..!

Redesigned Boosts User Experience

This update included some much-needed improvements to the boosting interface. It takes up less space, is more aesthetically pleasing, and even displays labels for each boost!

Friends Boost

Are you having fun with your pals? You will now get an additional twenty percent increase in money for each buddy who joins your server. Because of this, having four friends will essentially quadruple the amount of coins you produce.

More Achievements

There are now many more achievements to earn! There are several of them that will undoubtedly require some time.

15 Pets Equipped

It has reemerged! However, this time it seems to be staying put. Due to the overwhelming demand, the special store now permanently stocks the item that allows you to equip 15 pets. Enjoy!

Legendary Pets Buff

There is now more than a tenfold increase in the probability that a legendary pet would hatch from its egg.

Egg Opening Changes

The user experience upon cracking the egg was quite messy and was improved visually. This should help things appear better while I work on completely redoing the animation at some point in the future, but don't hold your breath.

A Roundup of the Leaderboard

Because the numbers on the leaderboard were growing too large, they have been rounded off, just like the rest of the numbers. Please let me know if it is too rounded, so that I may adjust it appropriately.

Scaling of the Interface

The scale of the interface has undergone further adjustments. The most noticeable change for gamers on mobile devices will be the increase in the size of alerts.

Alterations to the Boosts Pack

The original price of a Boost Pack was 1099 Robux, however it has now been decreased to 999 Robux.

The most recent fan art

The Fan Art gallery has been updated with a huge number of brand new pieces of artwork. Because of you, e.