Pet Simulator X - Trading Plaza Update

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Pet Simulator X - Trading Plaza Update

Trading Plaza

Please welcome everyone to the Trading Plaza! You may engage in commerce (and voice conversation) with as many as 30 people all at once! At this time, any available machine in the game may be used at this location. This will serve as the central location for future events and more!

At the moment, permanently unlocking this planet will set you back one million diamonds. Boosts are also put on hold while you are in this area. Stay tuned, since I want to do a lot with this planet... (NOTE: At this moment, the Voice Chat feature is only available to a select group of users. We do not know when this limitation will be lifted, but we certainly hope it will be very soon.)

Recent Eggs

Two more eggs have been added, just as we promised they would be! Within the Tech World, you will find a vendor selling both the Lab Egg and the Chemical Egg. To access the Steampunk Chest section, you must first have it unlocked.

Brand-New Pets

There are now 10 new pets available, one of which being the brand-new Mythical Dominus Alienus.

The Present of the Giant Diamond

You may farm the Giant Diamond Present in the Trading Plaza with your pals and earn diamonds while you're away from your computer.

Buying and Selling Additions

There is now a search function and the ability to filter by buddy in the Trading window! More to follow shortly.


There are now two more music songs available to listen to! You've got to keep things interesting.

Machine Interface QOL

No longer can you examine pets that are ineligible to be used in machines because of this change. A more organized user interface equals happy eyes.

Merch Deleting

There were reports that some of you were removing merch pets. Why??? Quit doing it immediately.

A Collection of Pog Pets

There are now Pog pets available for adoption in the Pet Collection! Oops..