Roblox DOWN: Is Roblox now unavailable? Server status latest

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Roblox DOWN: Is Roblox now unavailable? Server status latest

Users are experiencing troubles with the popular free-to-play game ROBLOX today amid a deluge of down reports. If you are experiencing issues with Roblox, this is the current server status as of April 14.

Users are already experiencing troubles with the immensely popular game Roblox, which allows you to enter worlds created by other Roblox players. The independent outage monitor Down Detector has detected an increase in Roblox outage complaints that started at about 7.30pm UTC. As of this writing, has recorded a high of about 10,000 Roblox down complaints.

According to Down Detector statistics, website troubles are affecting the majority of Roblox users with difficulty tonight. This affects sixty percent of impacted Roblox users, with twenty-seven percent reporting server connection troubles and thirteen percent experiencing gameplay issues. As the Roblox troubles arose, users flocked to Twitter to discuss the difficulties they were experiencing. A user tweeted: "Roblox is offline once again. #Roblox #shutdown ". While someone other posted: "#Robloxdown Again? Please never again ".

One user remarked, "Is it just me, or is Roblox down every month?" And someone other wrote: "#ROBLOXDOWN!" The official Roblox Status website has verified that the immensely popular game is having technical difficulties this evening, and engineers are currently investigating the issue. Roblox said that the game is experiencing "degraded performance" and that "reports of trouble entering games (web)" had been received. Regarding the problem, the Roblox team stated: "We are familiar of the issue. Our staff is currently addressing the issue."