Roblox discount codes: brand new free stuff revealed in front of the Bloxy Awards

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Roblox discount codes: brand new free stuff revealed in front of the Bloxy Awards

Fans of ROBLOX can get their hands on some brand new free stuff right now, just in time for the Bloxy Awards this coming weekend. Here is the most recent version of the Roblox codes.

Roblox users may get their hands on some brand new free items by using promo codes in advance of the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. The next Bloxys event, which recognizes great artistic and technological accomplishments in Roblox, will take place on Saturday, March 27 at 12pm pacific time and 7pm eastern time. In addition to bestowing a number of gongs, the digital awards event will also include a performance by the British rock group Royal Blood. The celebration will take place in the United Kingdom.

And in the days leading up to this weekend's Bloxy Awards, if you're searching for some new free clothing to kit up your avatar with, then we have some fantastic news for you. Roblox users who are interested in obtaining fresh promotional codes or free gear may take advantage of a number of various content drops. Roblox has made available, free of charge, a Royal Blood Beanie in celebration of the band's upcoming performance at the Bloxys.

The following can be seen in the item's description: "Allow me to extend a hearty greeting to Royal Blood." Aside from that, if you are a member to Amazon Prime, you can make use of one of the benefits that come with the subscription - access to Prime Gaming - by purchasing the Tech-Head Hat. This can be done in the Amazon Appstore. If you click on this page, you will be sent to the Prime Gaming center, where you will be able to get a coupon code that may be used for this in-game content.

In case you were wondering, the following is a list of additional promo codes that are now active (provided by Pro Game Guides), all of which can be redeemed for free things and may be claimed by you

  • Redeem coupon SPIDERCOLA to get a free Spider Cola Shoulder Pet
  • TWEETROBLOX: Get a free The Bird Says____ Shoulder Pet when you redeem this coupon!
  • StrikeAPose is offering a free Hustle Hat to everyone who redeems their ticket (Needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • SettingTheStage offers a coupon that may be used for a free Build-it Backpack (Needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • Do-it-yourselfers may get a free Kinetic Staff by redeeming a voucher (Needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • WorldAlive users may get a free Crystalline Companion by redeeming a coupon (Needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • GetMoving: Use this promo code to get a free pair of Speedy Shades (Needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • VictoryLap: Use this coupon code to get free Cardio Cans (Needs to be redeemed in this game)